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Sigil of Lucifer - Seal of Satan: Magical Journal and Notebook (666 Satan, Lucifer, Black Magick, Occult, Wicca, Thelema Magical Journals)

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The most common English synonym for "Satan" is " devil", which descends from Middle English devel, from Old English dēofol, that in turn represents an early Germanic borrowing of Latin diabolus (also the source of "diabolical"). This in turn was borrowed from Greek diabolos " slanderer", from diaballein "to slander": dia- "across, through" + ballein "to hurl". [72] In the New Testament, the words Satan and diabolos are used interchangeably as synonyms. [73] [74] Beelzebub, meaning "Lord of Flies", is the contemptuous name given in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament to a Philistine god whose original name has been reconstructed as most probably "Ba'al Zabul", meaning " Baal the Prince". [75] The Synoptic Gospels identify Satan and Beelzebub as the same. [73] The name Abaddon (meaning "place of destruction") is used six times in the Old Testament, mainly as a name for one of the regions of Sheol. [76] Revelation 9:11 describes Abaddon, whose name is translated into Greek as Apollyon, meaning "the destroyer", as an angel who rules the Abyss. [77] In modern usage, Abaddon is sometimes equated with Satan. [76] New Testament Gospels, Acts, and epistles The Devil depicted in The Temptation of Christ, by Ary Scheffer, 1854 Michelet, Jules, A. R. Allinson. Satanism and Witchcraft: The Classic Study of Medieval Superstition (1992), Barnes & Noble, 9780806500591 Peter requested to be crucified upside down, as he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Christ.

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Self-development is important to theistic Satanists. This is due to the Satanists' idea of Satan, who is seen to encourage individuality and freedom of thought, and the quest to raise one's self up despite resistance, through means such as magic and initiative. They believe Satan wants a more equal relationship with his followers than the Abrahamic god does with his. From a theistic Satanist perspective, the Abrahamic religions (chiefly Christianity) do not define "good" or "evil" in terms of benefit or harm to humanity, but rather on the submission to or rebellion against God. [53] Some Satanists seek to remove any means by which they are controlled or repressed by others and forced to follow the herd, and reject non-governmental authoritarianism. [54] Hasan of Basra, an eminent Muslim theologian who lived in the seventh century AD, was quoted as saying: "Iblis was not an angel even for the time of an eye wink. He is the origin of Jinn as Adam is of Mankind." [198] The medieval Persian scholar Abu Al-Zamakhshari states that the words angels and jinn are synonyms. [199] Another Persian scholar, Al-Baydawi, instead argues that Satan hoped to be an angel, [199] but that his actions made him a jinn. [199] Abu Mansur al-Maturidi who is reverred as the founder of Maturidiyyah Sunni orthodoxy ( kalam) argued that since angels can be blessed by God, they are also put to a test and can be punished. Accordingly, Satan became a devil ( shaiṭān) or jinn after he refused to obey. [200] Other Islamic scholars argue that Satan was a jinn who was admitted into Paradise as a reward for his righteousness and, unlike the angels, was given the choice to obey or disobey God. When he was expelled from Paradise, Satan blamed humanity for his punishment. [201] Concerning the fiery origin of Iblis, Zakariya al-Qazwini and Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ibshihi [202] state that all supernatural creatures originated from fire but the angels from its light and the jinn from its blaze, thus fire denotes a disembodiment origin of all spiritual entities. [203] Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi argued that only the angels of mercy are created from light, but angels of punishment have been created from fire. [204] Rachel Adelman The Return of the Repressed: Pirqe De-Rabbi Eliezer p65 "However, in the parallel versions of the story in Chronicles, it is Satan (without the definite article),"William Blake regarded Satan as a model of rebellion against unjust authority [173] and features him in many of his poems and illustrations, [173] including his 1780 book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, [173] in which Satan is celebrated as the ultimate rebel, the incarnation of human emotion and the epitome of freedom from all forms of reason and orthodoxy. [173] Based on the Biblical passages portraying Satan as the accuser of sin, [270] Blake interpreted Satan as "a promulgator of moral laws." [270] In visual art Early 6th century Byzantine mosaic Art, depicting Jesus separating the sheep from the goats. The blue angel is possibly the earliest artistic depiction of Satan. [271]

Pride Baphomet Medallion by Satanme - Church of Satan Pride Baphomet Medallion by Satanme - Church of Satan

Illustration of the Devil on folio 290 recto of the Latin, Bohemian Codex Gigas, dating to the early thirteenth century Psalm 109:6b "and let Satan stand at his right hand" (KJV) [14] or "let an accuser stand at his right hand." ( ESV, etc.)In 1098, a crusader named Anselm of Ribemont wrote a letter describing the Siege of Antioch in modern-day Turkey, a battle between crusaders and Muslims that occurred at the start of the First Crusade. In the letter, Anselm stated that the Muslims "called loudly upon Baphomet." It wasn't clear what he meant by the word "Baphomet" but today scholars think he used an incorrect version of the French word "Mahomet" which was used to refer to Muhammad, the founder and prophet of Islam. The I'itoi is an indigenous spiritual symbol that signifies the challenging and balancing decisions in one's life that lead us to our ultimate dream state from the product of all of our choices. The ideal is to reach the center of this maze of decisions we make, which is a manifestation of our purpose and dream, and is accepted by the Sun God upon our death.

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Enoch 18:3. On this tradition, see A. Orlov, "The Watchers of Satanael: The Fallen Angels Traditions in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch", in: A. Orlov, Dark Mirrors: Azazel and Satanael in Early Jewish Demonology (Albany: SUNY, 2011) 85–106. A figure known as ha-satan ("the satan") first appears in the Hebrew Bible as a heavenly prosecutor, subordinate to Yahweh (God), who prosecutes the nation of Judah in the heavenly court and tests the loyalty of Yahweh's followers. During the intertestamental period, possibly due to influence from the Zoroastrian figure of Angra Mainyu, the satan developed into a malevolent entity with abhorrent qualities in dualistic opposition to God. In the apocryphal Book of Jubilees, Yahweh grants the satan (referred to as Mastema) authority over a group of fallen angels, or their offspring, to tempt humans to sin and punish them.Zaitchik, Alexander (19 October 2006). "The National Socialist Movement Implodes". SPLCenter.org. Montgomery, Alabama: Southern Poverty Law Center. Archived from the original on 19 September 2015 . Retrieved 28 December 2020. The party's problems began last June, when Citizens Against Hate discovered that NSM's Tulsa post office box was shared by The Joy of Satan Ministry, in which the wife of NSM chairman emeritus Clifford Herrington is High Priestess. [...] Within NSM ranks, meanwhile, a bitter debate was sparked over the propriety of Herrington's Joy of Satan connections. [...] Schoep moved ahead with damage-control operations by nudging chairman emeritus Herrington from his position under the cover of "attending to personal matters." But it was too late to stop NSM Minister of Radio and Information Michael Blevins, aka Vonbluvens, from following White out of the party, citing disgust with Herrington's Joy of Satan ties. "Satanism," declared Blevins in his resignation letter, "affects the whole prime directive guiding the [NSM] – SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE." [...] NSM was now a Noticeably Smaller Movement, one trailed in extremist circles by a strong whiff of Satanism and related charges of sexual impropriety associated with Joy of Satan initiation rites and curiously strong teen recruitment efforts.

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