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This list looks to leverage the most of the durability buffs available to Tyranids with both the Zoanthrope Warp Shielding Imperative and Leviathan’s Synaptic Control trait to make big squads of Tyranid Warriors about as close to unkillable as the game allows while also buffing them for high damage at both shooting and combat. Two Harpies provide fast shooting to complement the ranged output of the main squads and the Reaper Flyrant makes its omnipresent return. When you select a PSYKER unit to manifest psychic powers, you select one psychic power that unit knows and attempt to manifest it. With the exception of Smite, you cannot attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once in the same battle round, even with different PSYKER units. The same PSYKER unit cannot attempt to manifest Smite more than once during the same battle round. These rules apply to any detachment that only include HIVE TENDRIL models ( excluding UNALIGNED if fortifications are your thing). This section mostly covers some of the housekeeping normal codex stuff. Rare Organisms

No Mercy, No Respite: Synaptic Insight – Each battle round, keep a tally of what models are destroyed by SYNAPSE models if your army. If the SYNAPSE models destroy a model with 3-5Ws tally 1 point, 6-9W tally 2 points, and 10+W tally 3 points. For each round you tally at least 4 points, score 3VP. The codex offers many powerful SYNAPSE models, but considering it doesn’t account for 1-2W models this ignores a TON of infantry that you’re going to see on the field. Canny players will also try to screen out/hide elite models from targeting just to deny you on it. Considering how difficult it might be score, it also weirdly caps at 12. C Acidic Torrent (1CP) – Use this Stratagem in the Fight phase on an ACID MAW unit in Engagement Range with an enemy unit. For each ACID MAW INFANTRY model roll one d6, for each 3+ the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound. If this is an ACID MAW MONSTER , roll 3d6 instead. This is not worth your while. D- Overrun (1CP) – Select one unit at the end of the Fight phase that made a charge this turn. If that unit is no longer in Engagement Range with enemy units that unit can make a Normal Move instead of a consolidation move. Great for potentially escaping danger or snagging cover/an objective. This stratagem is key to one of the most powerful units in the codex, allowing you to constantly deliver and redeliver a Winged Hive Tyrant in and out without risking it, and proper management of this stratagem will win you more games than any other. S

The Hive Mind is the gestalt collective consciousness of the Tyranid species. It is a nearly omniscient entity composed of pure psychic energy that originated outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Hive Tyrant is said to be a living vessel for it. It controls every Tyranid creature in a mental vice-like grip and directs their every action. Catalyst (WC 6) – One friendly unit within Synaptic Link range gains 5+ feel no pain until the start of the next Psychic phase. If the unit is TITANIC , it’s a 6 instead. Basic and powerful, Catalyst continues to be a mainstay of the Tyranid powers. A

Below are the six main Hive Fleets, each of which include a Hive Fleet Adaptation (HFA), a unique Adaptive trait which can be exchanged, as well as a unique Warlord Trait, Relic, and Stratagem. Gestation Sac – Allows the bearer to perform an action in the Shooting phase to spawn d3+1 Ripper Swarms within 3″ of itself and not in Engagement Range at the end of the phase. A sneaky way to drop some models onto an objective before leaving for a charge, increases models to outnumber your opponent, or potentially score Engage on All Fronts when you would otherwise not. BThis model is point-cheap for what it can accomplish in the right circumstances. Players may get hung up on the Terror from the Deep ability that ( similar to other Orbital Bombardment -like rules ) places a marker and promises pain for any enemy units that are within range at the start of your next Movement phase. This ability can be good to deter your opponent from a location, but a lot of players are going to just accept this as the cost of play and move on. This is neat, but unless you start the ball rolling on the first turn doing this ties your monster up off-table for another turn and against enemy units smaller than five models it’s going to fail a third of the time anyway. If you really want to force mortals onto an enemy unit, get this into combat where its Distensible Jaws ability can put in some work. The codex also offers the option to forgo the “traditional” Hive Fleet and make your own out of list of three possible Biomorphologies: Hunt, Lurk, and Feed. The concept is simple, choose a biomorphology from one list to be your Hive Fleet Adaptation, choose one to be your Adaptive trait, and one to be the list you can select from when replacing the Adaptive trait. As noted previously, in Matched Play the Tyranid rules have been updated to force you to select your final trait pre-game, so for the purposes of competition you’re just choosing two. Enemy psykers within 18″ of this unit subtract 1 from Psychic tests and any Perils of the Warp inflicts 1 additional wound. This is a very useful tool, as Tyranids are generally very potent psykers of their own. This means that not only do enemy psychic tests fail more often, but also it is easier to deny any successful attempts. Swarming Masses

An all-new and completely phenomenal game mechanic for 9th edition, Synaptic Imperatives allows Tyranid players to adjust to the state of the game and implement powerful army-wide buffs for the entire game round. To the dismay of Genestealer Cultists everywhere, this mechanic is only accessible if the army consists of only HIVE TENDRIL detachments and only if your detachments include a single choice of HIVE FLEET . This is a huge incentive to field your army as mono-faction mono-Hive Fleet and ditch the old 8th edition style of combining the best of multiple fleets. Some weapons have ‘Blast’ listed in their profile’s abilities. These are referred to as Blast weapons. In addition to the normal rules, the following rules apply to Blast weapons: Adaptive trait – Units making an Advance that do not use Opportunistic Advance or Bounding Advance Stratagems replace their normal Advance roll with 3+d3″. Improved reliability for unit movement is a solid idea, but considering some of the other traits improving the average Advance from 3.5″ to 5″ may not be critical to your success. B-

HQ: Winged Hive Tyrant (Adrenal Glands, Power: Psychic Scream, Power: Onslaught, WLT: Adaptive Biology, Relic: Reaper of Obliterax) 225pts, -2CP

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